To complement our development skills Trim NW Works in partnership with an engineering centre CEIIA, which knows all the techniques and has all the Technologies necessary to develop a Project from the beginning to the end such as Design, Virtual Reality, CAE, Reverse Engineering and Prototyping. This kind of partnerships is a guaranty of a high standard final product.


Trim NW Lda. in collaboration with the client/partner, or with the full responsibility of the project, has proved to be a decisive actor in the product development process. One of the factors of success and wide recognition is the application of  textile materials in surface finishings.




To complement its development capabilities, Trim NW is shareholder of an engineering center, the CEIIA, which has all valences needed for a project development of from the beginning, including Design, Virtual Reality, CAE, Reverse Engineering and Prototyping. This experiences complementarity is the guarantee of a final product in accordance with excellence standards.




Trim NW has a broad range of structural and finishing materials to meet the different needs and different concepts of our customers. It´s a active participant in choosing the most appropriate solutions to the concept of the vehicle.





Trim NW has the appropriate technologies to implement the products properly, such as thermoforming, compression, air injection molding, robotic systems, laser and waterjet cutting, ensuring consistently high standards of quality and competitiveness.