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Rua Conde da Ribeira Grande,Zona Industrial Quinta do Mocho Edifício Carmovel,2005-002 Santarém, Portugal.
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TrimNW has a wide range of thermal bonded products under the TERMOLINE brand, which is applied in the most diverse industries. TrimNW products are mainly composed of polyester fibers, with widths that can range from 20 to 223 cm and packaged in a roll form, whose length goes up to 4000 meters. Its use can have several goals:

  • Appearance
  • Protection
  • Filtration
  • Etc
Industrial Nonwoven

The versatility of our production lines, which allows us to achieve weights ranging from 17g | m2 to 60g | m2 together with different complementary finishes, make Trim NW the ideal partner for the different companies that make up the Portuguese and international industrial fabric.


Functions | Applications: Auto

TERMOLINE products for the automotive industry produced at Trim NW can be used for different purposes:

  • Visual aspect
  • Protective barrier
  • Release effect
  • Modeling of parts
  • Support and reinforcement

Different types of finishes can also be applied to TERMOLINE products: Fireproof; Repellencies; Stickers; Resistance; Resilience; etc.

406 | 5000 Resultados da tradução TERMOLINE products are specifically developed for: Tri-laminates for the production of roof linings; Effective barrier to the migration of glues used in the production of the roof lining; Molding and roof reinforcement; Soundproofing characteristics; Stretching together with the aspect fabric; Demoulding barrier of parts in molds; Fire barrier; Plastic injection barrier;

Funções|Aplicações: Outros

In addition to the specific areas already mentioned, there are numerous applications where the use of nonwovens plays a fundamental role. Some of the areas where nonwovens have a very strong presence are:

  • Hospital
  • Leather goods
  • Shoes
  • Protective Coatings
  • Office supplies
  • Decoration
  • Home Textile
  • Furniture
  • Embroidery and Sewing Clothing
  • Industrial Filtration
Funções|Aplicações: Outros

Trim NW products can be manufactured in rolls up to a width of 223 cm and with a grammage from 17g | m2 to 60g | m2. The great versatility of the production lines, allows the production with several types of fiber, or a mixture of several in its composition. The most used fibers for its production are: Polyester (PET); Bi-component polyester; Fireproof; Hydrophobic

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