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SI Productive Business Innovation Program - COVID-19 (48,179)

TrimNW Imperscrim Project - Conversion of processes and concession of new materials for the manufacture of disposable PPE

The present project aims at the development of new solutions, as well as the creation and reinforcement of the necessary productive conditions for the manufacture of waterproof non-woven fabrics with Thermalbond technology, intended for the production of disposable PPE's.

After several internal developments and tests, TrimNW obtained a product designed in polyester and polyethylene, with the main characteristic of being waterproof, and that in the tests carried out by CITEVE, an entity accredited by Infarmed to test and validate this type of products, obtained excellent results in all tests and was included in the list of approved materials for the production of disposable PPE, except masks.

TrimNW has developed a new range of products, which is composed of several non-woven references, intended for different applications of disposable PPE, depending on the end-use environment (hospitals, homes, firefighters, companies).

This new range may also be produced in two different colors, White and blue. In the timeframe of this project, it is understood that the Company may manufacture two different products within the new range.

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