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Rua Conde da Ribeira Grande,Zona Industrial Quinta do Mocho Edifício Carmovel,2005-002 Santarém, Portugal.
Contact +351 243 102 128
(Chamada para rede fixa nacional)
Work schedule: MON-FRIDAY: 8AM - 17PM
SI I&D Company Program - Co-Promotion - COVID-19 (63,526)

InovPNT - Development of innovative thermoplastic solutions for functional and antimicrobial non-woven fabrics

The current global crisis, the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, makes it essential to adapt current industrial technologies to develop innovative solutions that can serve as emerging technologies in combating two fronts, whether at the level of an immediate targeted response the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or in terms of preparing and anticipating future equivalent problems.

This project aims, through a proof of concept validation, to boost the use of functional and modified thermoplastic materials in the development of textile substrates with improved antimicrobial and permeability properties, through polymeric materials processing technologies, combined with processing techniques of non-woven fabrics (TNT).

For this purpose, polymeric formulations will be developed that include functional agents and | or antimicrobial nanomaterials that are compatible with the defined polymeric matrix and that allow, at a later stage, the development of a TNT that validates the proposed proof of concept, based on the skills and know-how of the consortium, as well as a prototype demonstrating the technology, framed in the needs of infection prevention and control.

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